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 Chris Malburg is now on top of my list of fiction crime books.  He has surpassed James Patterson (Alex cross).  I could not put this book down once I start reading.  There were times when I forgot I was reading a fiction book.  It makes you really think about our government.  This is a MUST HAVE book.  Can't wait till Chris’ next book comes out.

                   --lisag2899, Liberty MS

Deadly Acceleration is a well-written, fast-paced read that offers a glimpse into a new world of terrorism.  As the fight for world power plays out on a global stage, Chris Malburg brilliantly brings terrorism into our every day lives - and has us in the driver’s seat of a car spinning out of control.  Buy this book now and hang on ........it's a wild ride!


After the first chapter I was into Deadly Acceleration for the long haul.  Not only does Malburg have a gift for writing action, he really has managed to put together a compelling and thoughtful story.  It’s a fun, quick read and quite a ride.  I see that he's also published Vision Machine, a short story.  I am downloading that one immediately.

          --Alison Simard "wolfysong", Los Angeles

Oh MY GOD I think you have a best Seller World Wide!!! I shut my eyes and all this could really be happening quite easily.  Chris, you wrote an amazing book. And you have the main guy driving my cool truck.  I think I love you!!!  Now I am getting carried away...

          --CL Arvig Up North