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The Enforcement Division Series takes full advantage of the digital media revolution now sweeping the publishing industry.  These e-books and hardcopy are available from all the major retailers. 

A PIRATE'S TIME SERVED is available for preorder in advance of its August 25, 2015 publishing date.  Please preorder to receive the discounted price and be assured of automatically getting your copy downloaded on the day of its publication. 

We’ve formatted the multiple downloads to comply with all of the popular e-book reading devices including:


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Most others using EPub, MOBI, Mobipocket, PDF, PDB, LRF, RTF, Plain text, HTML Smashreader download formats.


 If there’s one we’ve missed, we’re unaware of it. 

Simply click on the following links for your retailer and select your reader device format.  There are many others to choose from if you don’t see your favorite here.


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